The best native plant nursery will normally have plant stocks the entire year-round in anticipation of the changing needs throughout the year. However it still pays to purchase plants as early as possible in relation the plants’ growing season for the following reasons.

Finest Selection

The early riser in a plant nursery has the luxury of picking from the best selections primarily because the plants have not yet been picked through by others, so to speak. You will have lots of opportunity to choose from among the first batches of plants that have arrived in the nursery screen location.

Think of it by doing this: When you come to the tail-end of the rush, your selections will be restricted to the cast-offs of other customers. This is not to say that a number of the plant stocks are of inferior quality however you have to admit that the consumers who came prior to you will want the best pickings on their own.

Also, your native plant nursery can run out of stock quickly. If you can purchase or book early, you will not be annoyed with your lack of options in your preferred plants.

Early Shipments

Due to the fact that the rush to purchase plants for the coming growing season has yet to go into full speed, your orders will be delivered quicker than expected. The employee of the plant nursery are not yet swamped with hundreds of orders from customers so your online orders can be processed faster than typical.

Possible Discounts

The law of supply and need can apply here - the bulk of clients have yet to enter, the supply outmatches the need. You are then more likely to be granted your requests for discounts on your purchases, which will certainly work to your benefit.

Naturally, the actual quantity of discounts will depend on a number of aspects such as the types, quality and amount of plants purchased. You might wish to purchase wholesale to avail of bulk discounts or to delight in totally free shipping on the plants.

Still, you should take care when choosing the plants from a plant nursery even when you are an early riser. Tips:

- Check the catalog for full descriptions of the plant stock (i.e., type, care directions, and cultivars).

- Check the plants’ hardiness level especially when you reside in a colder area.

Indeed, your native plant nursery supplies a valuable service to the community of garden enthusiasts and landscapers however you should be the early bird to enjoy its benefits.

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